Overcome limiting core beliefs

24 Jul 2020

 So yesterday we talked about sickness being unreal, and at 2am this morning you're looking up symptoms on the internet to see what you've got. 


My child, you're having the experience you have chosen.  It is my great joy that you are, for what you experience is part of you growing your understanding about who you are, what life is, who I am and how we fit together. 


I would not prevent you in any way from having an experience you choose, although I hope to inspire you that only experiences which bring light into your life and the life of others are ultimately real, and helpful to your greater purpose. 


But let me speak about why you're having this experience. You would no doubt say that you don't feel you're choosing to experience sickness, and if you had a choice you would not experience it. So it's important to understand where choice comes from and why it seems you make similar choices repeatedly. 


Your mind was once a blank slate - as filled with light and love and possibility as any mind ever was. As you chose to travel through this vast experience you call 'life', your mind learned some things that were true, and expanded, and as it did so, it desired to go deeper into some of the places of the mind where light becomes filtered, grows dim, or is almost imperceptible. 


It was not the whole you that experienced this, for you are far more complex and exist on a far wider sphere than you have ever glimpsed with your current consciousness. It was just a small part of your being that you send into those darker places, with the aim at first of taking more light into them so that your brothers might see enough to find their way out. 


So while part of your whole being has stayed in a realm filled with light, and fully knows who it is, parts have gone into many different experiences and some of those parts have forgotten where they came from. What you call 'Linds' - your current experience on this planet - is one of the parts of your greater whole that is only just now starting to remember they are more than a descended-from-apes body made up of legs and arms and toes and teeth. 


(Yes, we can speak about apes. Remember to ask me.) 


One of the risks of going into places where light is not obvious, is that parts of a greater being (it would be accurate to call these parts 'souls') can become blinded by the darkness. It does not seem obvious that you are a spiritual being filled with light when you're in a dark place. 


So there are several ways this experience of earth was designed so souls could not become lost in darkness. One of them is a permanent connection, through your mind, to your greater being.


You were talking to Joseph yesterday about the feeling you've sometimes had that there is a fine, silvery cord coming out of the middle of your forehead, connecting you to something higher. This is an accurate depiction of how a remembrance of your higher being, and a connection to it, can feel.


But even knowing at some level that you are more than the body doesn't overwrite some of the beliefs you have collected in your mind while you've been journeying through darker places. 


There is a pervading belief on earth than unless you can see something with your eyes, or duplicate it in an experiment, is isn't real. This is almost completely false. Your eyes are a staggeringly unreliable means of determining truth. Yet the belief persists and forms part of what has been called the 'mass consciousness'. 


This mass consciousness is a collection of belief and ideas that seem reasonable and true to most people. Beliefs that seem so obvious as to be beyond question, are not considered to be beliefs at all, but 'facts'. When something is accepted as a fact, you stop questioning it. 


Here are 10 'facts' most humans believe about themselves or the world: 

  • Your life started at or after conception

  • You are your body 

  • Life is hard

  • You will die one day

  • Some people are born lucky

  • Everyone suffers in some way

  • Mental illness is random

  • You can't change the past

  • You get nothing for free

  • Things just happen


This list is a fairly standard, albeit false set of core beliefs. Unchallenged, these beliefs and others like them have led to the life you see around you on earth.  


I'd like to add another to the list: resources are limited.


The belief in limited resources can also be called the 'consciousness of lack' and it underpins every limiting belief on this planet. Your time is limited, you only have so much energy, you need to fight to get what you need or someone else will get it, the fossil fuels are running out, all the good women are already taken. It is a belief very few people have ever thought to challenge, because it seems like madness to question what is unquestionably already true.


The belief in lack has no reality whatsoever. It appears to be true on this planet because so many souls believe it. Yet this planet is ready to show you a totally different reality - as soon as you dare to actually reach for it. 


Imagine the magnificent, creative power of the universe as strongly as you can. Stretch your mind to think that there is a loving, nurturing power that wants you to have exactly what your heart desires. This doesn't mean getting a certain boy, or landing a certain job with a certain salary, because I can assure you that your ideas about perfect boys and great jobs and money are far below what I can achieve through you. 


So let's assume you want freedom, love, enrichment, joy, health, happiness, fulfilment, abundance. I can lead you to that life as easily as I can make a ripple in the ocean. The power is in your hands to experience those things right now - in fact it is far easier than juggling a life of limitations, worries, deadlines and duties. You have just not accepted who you are, who I am, and what this life is. 


Core beliefs which do not serve you or bring you the life you desire are, right now, shaping your experience on earth. It's Friday, and you wish you didn't have to go to work on Monday. You know deep down there's something wrong with that. You're frustrated at not making the life you want, and you can add 'I am powerless' to your core beliefs because you really do believe it. 


The reason you have never got past wishing for better things, or hoping and dreaming that you can somehow fulfil your potential is your belief in lack. I would like you to consider becoming one of my children who commits to looking beyond this belief and overturn it.


This would achieve two main things: 


1. It would open up to you the life you truly want to live

2. It would teach others that they have the power to overcome their limitations


Start with a decision. What do you truly want? I will help you at every step, beloved. 







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