Sickness... is not your superpower

Hey God, I'm sick.

Would you care to elaborate?

I woke with a raging sore throat and I'm coughing and I feel under the weather. It might be Covid.

It's not Covid. And you're not sick. You just believe something that's not true.

You don't have an accurate concept of what the mind is, or what it can do. Especially what it can do.

You currently believe that you're in a body which gets frailer as years pass, and will eventually get so sick it dies. You don't know when that will be, you fear that the death of the body you're in will send you into a tailspin and you're trying to put death off for as long as possible.

The misbelief you have is that sickness and death is inevitable. That is not true, it just appears to be true. The concepts of sickness and death you hold are similarly untrue.

Let's break this down. What is death? What you think of as death is a transformation of the spirit from one location to another. You can liken it to taking a new job in a new city. You move because you're ready for a new challenge, whether you chose that challenge or felt pushed into it. But YOU don't change. Your experience changes.

It is the same when a person dies. They feel an immediate detachment from their earthly circumstances and indeed, many forget them almost immediately. The earthly life becomes as unreal as a dream you awaken from.

This happens because what is real about a person not only survives the journey, but realises it is more fully real now while it was 'alive'. The perspective on what it means to be alive totally changes.

Physical death is something that happens to the body, not the mind. The body is ultimately not real. You were not created to inhabit a body at all. You have a body now because you have chosen an experience of separation from God. Seeming to be inside a body is one way of giving you an experience of being a separate, individual entity which is not linked to the bodies around it or to me.

Bodies die because three things are true:

1. The mind occupying it believes its body will die

2. The mind occupying it wants the experience of being in its current body to end

3. The mind occupying it doesn't believe it is creating its own experience

You have created a world and a human experience in which bodies get sick and die. If you did not want this experience, you would be living an experience of a different kind, for there are many, many ways to experience existence.

Since everything 'you' experience is through the mind, you don't actually experience death. Death is something which seems to happen from the outside only. No mind has ever experienced death. Those who have been through what you call death, will tell you that from the inside it feels like a sensation of release from their body and a freedom and joy they never experienced in a body.

So what about sickness? Sickness, like death, is a creation of the mind. It doesn't really exist. I realise you think this sounds 'a bit harsh', as you would say. The truth is not harsh. I am here to free you from your illusions, and sickness is one of them.

The body is the medium on which the idea of getting sick is expressed. And sickness is a bit player in the drama of death. Humans get a bit sick, and then a bit sicker, and at some point they all get so sick that they 'die' and their particular death drama is over.

This is entirely fictional. Sickness is not inevitable, or even likely. Without a mind which carries the lie of sickness, bodies would last a very long time in human terms. There is nothing in them that fades, dies or wears out, except that the mind thinks it does.

In my design for this planet, which is still and will always be reality that can be expressed at any moment, human bodies do not decay - they last until they are set aside when the spirit within them has no further use for them, and only at that point do they return to dust, once the life force that sustained them has moved on.

The fact you think you're getting sick is all you need to know. You think you are, therefore you are.

This cuts to the heart of what it means to believe and what it means to be experiencing life on earth from the inside. Imagine living your whole life in a mostly pitch dark room, cluttered from floor to ceiling with piles of bulky, awkward obstacles. You barely have enough light in there to see and all your time and energy is spent trying to avoid falling and getting hurt. There's no comfortable place to rest.

This is an accurate depiction of what most souls on earth experience. Clearing away enough of the clutter to be able to reach and open the windows and let in fresh air and sunlight takes many lifetimes for many people. For them, overcoming the belief in sickness is possible, but unrealistic yet.

First, learn to manage your immediate circumstances. Managing does not mean 'moving around'. It means sorting out. Looking at your issues as deeply as you can, make decisions to stop engaging in things that don't serve you. Set your focus, decide who you are.

If you're a writer, you write. That activity gets prioritised. Moaning about not having time to be a writer makes you a moaner, not a writer. Then open up space in your mind so you can directly receive the light of truth I am constantly sending you. The truth is always there, but you must make room for it. A mind that holds onto clutter cannot simultaneously be clearing it.

In reality, most people move their clutter around and tidy it. They get one small area of their life 'sorted' and other areas pile up or fall apart. To make real progress you have to dig deep and throw out what is harmful to you, whether that be negative thoughts, unhelpful actions, old patterns of being or any other manifestation of your ego.

This includes beliefs about yourself which you may never have even questioned. Dying and getting sick are two such beliefs. You may not focus on them that much day to day, but they lurk in the corner. They have reality for you even if you're not dealing with them right now. And every so often, you expect them to stick out a foot and trip you up, whether it's through your own sickness or someone else's.

The root cause of any sickness you experience is the belief in it. When you think you are sick, ask me this: "What I have misunderstood?" I will show you. When you think someone else is sick, challenge that thought. Their sickness is a result of a belief they hold, which has manifested itself in some issue in their body.

Once a belief is manifest it seems completely real, on earth. You can physically see it. But seeing something doesn't make it real. I have a different interpretation of the word 'real'. Real means that something is part of the reality of God. Sickness is a design of spiritual beings (like you) who have forgotten they are part of God. Sickness will vanish from your life as soon as you remember your true identity as part of God.

If you share your belief in someone's sickness with them, you confirm its reality. This keeps them bound in the unreality of sickness - a place, I'm sure you'll agree, that's far below their potential.

Your mind is incredibly powerful - much more so than you have ever imagined. Your thoughts matter. Literally. Your thoughts = matter. Your thoughts can and do change the world. You keep no thoughts private - even those you think you hide - for they all go out into the world and affect it. This is your superpower, yet you have very little idea about it yet.

Now go back and read the start of this page again. You told me you thought you were sick and I didn't share your belief in it. Was I being kind, or unkind?

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