Should I support trans rights?

20 Jul 2020

Is gender real? Is that what you want to know? Let's talk about this.


Procreation on this planet is a mostly physical act which works, by design, without obvious spiritual input. This planet is a place where plausible deniability is being played out rather beautifully.


For many people, they think God isn't part of their experience on earth. This means they don't have to think about what role they might play in creation, because without a design they assume they have no set role.


One result of this is that a person on earth can create any 'reality' for themselves - and indeed, this is what the planet is designed for - so a person who thinks they're separate from everyone else can imagine themselves into an existence of their choice. 


When someone becomes financially rich on earth, they won't benefit from that wealth once their body has died. That seems obvious, but it's worth pointing out that you don't take your gender identity with you either. 


You are not a man or a woman (or something in between or separate), you are playing the part of a man or a woman or something else on earth. This is just like having a part in the school play. To argue over who is allowed to actually 'be' the various roles in the play has no reality.


Anyone can play them, but it's helpful to remember they're only roles. They're not who you are. Once you take the costume off, it's over. To carry on the role at home would suggest the person didn't understand the point of the play. The same is true for your earthly identity. It will pass.


Whether a person is born in a male body or a female body or a body in which their male or femaleness is not clear at birth, is a choice they've made long before being born.


Every soul, before they arrive in embodiment, can see from a very different perspective than is possible once they are tethered to a body. Every soul makes choices that will help it to grow as much as possible in a single lifetime - including choosing what might appear to others to be difficult circumstances. 


Let's say you're in the spiritual realm, and we're talking. And I say you've lived a hundred lifetimes without really learning to start on a particular path you keep telling me you want to pursue. And this upsets you, because you want to progress but every time you get back into a body, you forget what it is you want to achieve. You make small steps but real growth isn't happening very fast.


So I suggest that there's a way you can accelerate your growth. But it might mean choosing a body which isn't desirable on earth, or choosing life circumstances which don't seem that great to other people. And if you do that for one lifetime - a tiny amount of time from the perspective of eternity - you'll make progress that might have taken you a thousand years. What would you say to that offer? (I think about it and say I'm very likely to accept anything God offers).   


When souls come to earth, they do so in bodies they have chosen. They do so to make progress in the shortest time. They do so to help other people - especially to teach compassion and understanding and also to learn the effects of their previous choices. 


So from a universal perspective, everyone is born in a body which is 'wrong' for them, because having a body is ultimately below your spiritual potential and you will cease to have a physical body when you make enough spiritual progress. Changing the body in myriad was doesn't make that body 'right', it makes it a different sort of wrong.


For some people, past trauma runs so deep it has become part of who they think they are. This can lead to conflict about the type of body they have, and a desire to change it into something else.


It's helpful here to remember that every sort of mental wound carries a physical counterpart. The body is a learning device. What happens on and in your body is designed to teach you something about the mind that created it - all bodies are thoughts made into physical form.


Wanting to change something at the bodily level may feel real and may feel like an answer, but it is not actually going to solve whatever issue prompted it long term.


Your body looks the way it does because of what's in your mind. That sounds fantastic to you, and you're struggling to believe me, but it is the truth. Your mind is the creator of form, and your body is its work of art on earth. Until you change you mind about who you are, until you learn you have a spiritual purpose, you will continue to have anxieties about some aspects of your human experience. 


Most people do not dare to remember why they chose the circumstances they're in. Your memory about choosing this life is in your spiritual understanding, not in your physical brain. And if you see yourself as a body with a brain and nothing more, you're unlikely to do the work you came to earth to do. 


When you make the body your focus, you confirm its reality to yourself over and over. Yet your body's only function is to show your mind what it made. It is just an image made by your mind to teach you something, and often to teach other people something at the same time. There are 7 billion ways a body can look and do its job. All forms are perfect for the mind they are helping.


But when you spend energy trying to change your body, you're actually trying to get around the lesson your mind needs. You're actually arguing for your limitations.


There are people so trapped in the idea that changing the outer will make them happy that their lives are consumed by it. But in the afterlife, no one has ever wished they spent more time pandering to their illusions.


So are trans rights important? Yes and no. A person who identifies as trans is made in my image and from my being, the same as all my children. I see only their perfection, so that's what I'm calling you to see in them. 


Treating everyone on earth with dignity and grace and love is what I ask of you.


But loving a person does not mean supporting their illusions. 


If a person is convinced they have the wrong body, there is more going on than a simple desire to change their body. And for some, surgery will help. Not because they will be the 'right' gender, but because taking an extreme action like surgery can be what jolts the psyche into realising that wasn't the answer. 


It will still be the case in a million years' time that bodies are not part of the real you. As passionate as many people are about this subject, fighting for the body's rights is not fighting for the truth. It is simply tethering you more strongly to the earthly realm where bodies are. Transcending the body is the truth. 


There are no male and female spiritual beings. Gender is meaningful only on earth, where procreation has been reduced to a physical act. Gender conversations should therefore include the fact that gender is not permanent and it's not part of who you really are. 


While you're playing in the sandpit of earth, by all means try on different genders if you want to. Remember you leave them at the door when you leave the earth. They were only a costume you put on for a while. 


Should gender rights be protected? That's not a meaningful question when I've just explained that gender isn't real. I don't advocate for the promotion of untruth. But while you're on earth, every person and their choices deserves your love and respect. Be as kind as you can and try to pass any tests of compassion and love you face. You haven't conquered this yet, or the issue wouldn't play on your mind. 


It probably won't be helpful to tell someone who's deeply entrenched in gender struggles that they're unable to see its unreality. Everyone on earth is unable to see reality yet. But recognise the Holy Spirit within them and see them as whole and healed of any mental or physical wounds that might be delaying their progress, 


However they see themselves, all people are worthy of love and are perfect in my sight. 




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