A consuming fire

17 Jul 2020

 So you're thinking about putting Hamilton on again.

You're free for the next several hours, there's no one around, the cats are fed, you've got your feet up... isn't this your day off, after all? Don't you deserve this?


Yet we're talking about it, so you're not absolutely sure what I think. Your thoughts are asking for my input. 


Hamilton has inspired many people. Spiritually, it's been a great success. You nearly went back and deleted the word 'great' - why?


Did you think taking a side would put you in danger? I see. You thought anyone who wants to tear down Hamilton, because you've seen some of the accusations thrown its way about black people telling the stories of white slave owners, might somehow hurt you and put you in a position of doubt. 


Let me tell you what you don't see about Hamilton. It's not a story of a white person who rose to power. Not really.


What you see on stage is not the real story of the founding of America. It's an outer story. In truth, the founding of America took place in hearts and minds many, many years before the nation struggled and fought its way to 'freedom'.


But America is not a free country, even now. It has some appearance of freedom, but almost every person in America right now is in bondage to something or someone. 


And many revolutions, both inner and outer, will happen before America has earned the right to claim its Godly freedom and its people are truly free (including freedom from the bondage of thinking they owe identity or loyalty to the man-made construct of a country).


Anyone who sees themselves as a patriot - of any country - is a slave to a system they did not set up but unwittingly uphold. Loving your country is an act of denial of reality. Countries do not really exist. They are just an idea in the minds of men to apportion power. They are a way of making sure only a small number of people can access that power. They give a sense of belonging to minds who have forgotten they belong to the body of God. 


The founding fathers of America were not actually American. But of course they weren't. They were spiritual beings temporarily living in bodies that happened to live on that part of the planet.


Before, and since, they have lived in many other places. They were and are spiritual parts of the greater whole in which America has no meaning.


'America' might be a hat you wear for a lifetime, but it doesn't become part of who you are. Identifying with and loving and defending your country is like Stockholm Syndrome. That which is hurting you is not helping you.   


Until systems are set up that promote and encourage genuine freedom of mind, the spirit remains enslaved. It's easy to point at certain historical figures and say 'yes but they didn't.... whatever.' George Washington owned slaves is often a retort. Yes, he did. Jefferson owned slaves. Jefferson's children were slaves. So as he, of course. He just didn't realise what master he served.


But that's not why you're attracted to Hamilton. It's not the story, it's the fact of its existence. You love that a person created the show. You love the dedication it took, the years it took, the sacrifice it took. You're attracted to the 'talent' it took. And yes, it took focus, and yes, it is inspired. 


Is it worth your time? That depends how you view it, for anything can be turned to a helpful purpose.


You've wanted to write more since you saw it. That's a helpful outcome. Find that balance between that, and sitting on the couch for hours humming the tunes. Learning all the lyrics to the show is unlikely to help you grow. 


You're already in bondage, child. Inspire yourself out of it. You can see that others have thrown off ties and dedicated themselves to something greater than themselves. Perhaps they best way they could do it at the time was to start a new nation or to write a show about it. Perhaps doing that is what it took to lead them on.


The path is there to help you break free and create the life you want. You have seen that my children can do great things. Decide what your great thing will be, and do it. You don't need to become better at watching Hamilton. 7 times in a week means you're pretty good at it already. If 8 takes you onward, let it be and enjoy it. If 8 dims that light to create, 8 is not the way. Go inside and feel what the answer is. You know what you need. 


You wrote the title first, and now you wonder why I've not spoken about a consuming fire. Read the words again. Hamilton can consume you, distract you, divert you. Or it can inflame you, fan you into action, burn away the procrastination and excuses and leave only the blazing fire of truth.


Use all my tools to help you. Hamilton is ours to do with as you wish. 





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