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1 Jul 2020

This is an experiment, and I don’t know what I will say or how this will go. 


But I was thinking that I haven’t had time… well, I had time, let’s be honest, but I didn’t sit down and try to hear the voice of God yesterday.


So I thought I’d do it now (while I’m driving to work and dictating this – hands free, naturally – into my phone).


I was reading in 'A Course in Miracles' how people get discouraged because they start to think that any inspiration coming to them, or any voice they’re hearing, comes from their own consciousness and they're embroiled in a grand delusion.


I don't hear a 'voice' voice. It's not coming through my ears. Helen Schuchman, who dictated A Course in Miracles, described a sort of ‘rapid inner dictation’. That’s not my experience either. To me it just seems like I'm saying it.


So this makes me wonder what separates me from people who hear a voice, or people who feel the inspiration of God.


I don’t know what people mean when they say they hear a voice, or are inspired. But I am experiencing a sort of inner prompting to sit with God and write things down. When I read them back, they sound a bit too smart to be me. And for all I know this might be exactly what other people experience, when they talk about hearing the voice of God.


Perhaps the same experience seems like ME, to me, and like GOD, to them. But really, what's the difference?


The difference between me and God is a difference in scale. God's sort of a big deal, and the world has no idea who I am. (Yeah, funny. At this point, God tells me 'the world has no idea who I am either').


(And at this point, I think God kicks in)


So you are the child of your Father, endowed with all His creative ability, but limited in you by virtue of your physical constraints, to allow you to experiment small, and to practice and to become more, and to open up more levels.


Look at the example of Jesus. Jesus was a miracle worker, looked at from a human perspective. He was able to bend the laws of the universe, to reverse them, to show their unreality.


And yet he was fully human, because to be human IS to be divine. When Jesus walked on the water he saw the unreality of his body. He saw the unreality of the water. He saw that the particles that made up the water and that made up his body were particles of the same thing – the energy of God.


That being true, why would one not support the other? Why would the water of God not support the son of God? It is a nonsense that a God-made universe and that a universe made of God, would not support the children and the vision of God.


Right now you are driving down a road in a motor car, wholly relying on physical means to keep you safe. When you push the brake you trust that the engineer who made the brake and the mechanic who fitted it and the tester who tested it did not err, and that the second law of thermodynamics has not eroded it yet.


You’ve pushed the brake thousands of times, teaching yourself over and over that the brake is what sustains you. The brake is what prevents you from crashing into the car in front or overshooting the junction. You have learned by repetition that your bodily safety is dependent on physical means like this. 


You can also learn by repetition that the concept of bodily safety is a strange one. What are you keeping safe when you keep safe your body? You are keeping safe a vehicle in which the real you abides for a very short season.


Should we then take care of the body?


If we are in the consciousness of ‘lack’ we hold on tightly to things because we think they cannot be replaced or they’re going to be used up or run out. Believing in lack is a manifestation of fear.


(I have a vision in my head of a strenuous exercise regime, and people who try through physical means to maintain the body for as long as possible).


There seems to be nothing inherently wrong about wanting to live a long life. But the concept is incorrect because you cannot live a short life. Therefore taking care of the body will not help you to live a long life. Life is eternal, and the concept of living a short life, or a long life, is nonsense. There is only living. Not living has never existed. Death has never existed. 


Life is filled with life – the life of the spirit, life eternal in the reality of God and in the One vision of His will, is the only reality.


And so the big question of life is how much love you will bring to each moment, because each moment is the only moment we have, it is the only moment in which we can live, and love is the meaning of life. 


Fill your moments with love. There is no other way to live happily. There is no past to change, no future to seek fulfilment in because there is no time but now, no moment but this, no life but God’s. 




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