What are you teaching?

6 Jul 2020

When you were arguing with Joseph in the car, I reminded you that he is a child of God and that he’s right, even if you think he’s wrong.


His words don’t matter. Neither does the fact you thought he’d misinterpreted what you said, or that he refused to be pinned down on what he’d said.


Children of God, why waste your energy on moments such as these?


You heard my voice and conceded the argument. I’d like to talk about how you did it, because you did it with about as much contempt as you thought you could get away with.


If you make a spiritual point in order to score a point, what you have done is taught yourself that your ego is better is their ego. You have fooled yourself into believing that you have taken the spiritual high ground, while completely failing to see the message.


Joseph was right not because of his argument, which you are right in thinking came from his lack of understanding about who he is. He was right because he is a part of God and he should be honoured, regardless of what you think with your lower mind.


Speaking sarcastically does two main things. The first is that it teaches you that sarcasm is acceptable, for humans tend to justify anything they do as acceptable.


The second is that it teaches the person you are being sarcastic to that sarcasm is acceptable. In attempting to ‘teach them a lesson’, you are doing just that, but the lesson is not one you want to be teaching.  


There is something to be said here about thinking you are right. When you think you are right, you have pre-judged what ‘right’ is. You have made a judgment about what is acceptable and when you live up to that, you tell yourself that you’re right. When others don’t live up to it, you decide they must be wrong.


This is the root of all conflict on earth – when a mind has pre-judged what is right and wrong, it feels justified in blaming or attacking any other position. How would people be in conflict if they met each situation with an open heart?


In your argument with Joseph, you were getting angry and sarcastic to try to win the argument that you know better than he does. Anger and sarcasm never win arguments, you know. They just breed more of themselves.


You have made the point about capital punishment many times, that you can’t teach people that killing is wrong, by killing people who kill people. Because killing people teaches people that killing people is sometimes right.


It is the same with any argument you ever have. You cannot teach people that arguing is wrong by arguing with them. You cannot teach people that anger doesn’t get you anywhere by getting angry with them. You will always teach what you argue against. You will teach its reality, for why else would you feel the need to argue against it?


When I say ‘teach’, I don’t mean you’re spending every day preaching or trying to give out lessons. I mean that whatever you do in your life, your thoughts and feelings and actions are teaching people all around you, as they observe and interact with you. They are picking up clues all the time as to your character, your intentions and your wishes. And you are picking up these same clues about everyone you interact with.


The more you teach, the more you become the teaching. If you are repeatedly angry, you teach yourself anger. So practice love, dear one. Practice love and you’ll become good at it. You wanted to write ‘you’ll become God at it’ just then. Why didn’t you? You wouldn’t have been wrong.


Think about your argument. Joseph didn’t need to know how wrong you thought he was. He needed to be listened to and taught that he is okay, whatever he says.


Joseph is a perfect child of God. Whatever he does, in the eyes of God he is right. When you see his perfection, and teach him that he is right, you see your own perfection and learn that you are right.


If his words are untruth, do not affirm them. But hold in your heart that he is right and remain quiet. You do not have to agree with an untruth spoken by another, but you do need to learn that quiet support, loving support for the God-ness of others, is an essential step on the path to knowing who you are.




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