Cats as mind readers

9 Jul 2020

You’re already worrying about the blog.

No, it doesn’t matter if no-one reads it. The writing is for you, dear child.


The publishing is a discipline which might help you complete the task. You could as easily sit in your home and fill notebooks and never tell a soul.


Of course the truth is that you cannot help but share what you think. When an idea forms for one, it forms for all.


The very act of deciding to listen and to write IS to decide to share.


You think of the world as little boxes. You think you can lock your door and do whatever you want and it doesn’t really matter. You think no one knows what you think and feel and how you see the world.


I am here to tell you that what you think does matter. What you think materially changes the world.


You see success in terms of results. You believe that if you could only earn more money or write the book you keep telling everyone you’re working on, when you’re not really working on it, that you’d be able to change the world. The truth is that you ARE the world, and what you think and feel matters just as much as what you do.


Imagine the world as a giant web. Okay, you hate spiders. Spiders are beautiful, actually. But you hate them, I get it. Not a web then, but a giant matrix of intertwined thoughts and impulses. You cannot see this matrix with your eyes, even though it is as real as the things you think you can see.


The cat is sitting on the top of the cat tree, right now, looking out of the door. The cat’s thoughts are in the bedroom, where he can hear someone sleeping. That is creating a pathway of thought between the cat and the space inside the bedroom, and inside the person sleeping there. 


You are sitting on the sofa, looking at the cat, thinking about the cat’s thoughts. That creates a thought pathway between you and the cat. See, the cat has turned from the bedroom to look in your direction. He heard your thought. Cats are spectacularly good at reading thoughts.


The world you live in is interconnected in a billion ways (and many more than a billion) by the thoughts of the people in it. If you change your thoughts – even if you never leave the house – you affect the thoughts of other people who can pick up on your thoughts, even though they don’t realise this is what’s happening.


So the blog means nothing, in itself. You are sharing these thoughts by having them. Having and sharing is the same. You cannot have something for yourself. You are always sharing it. But you don’t believe this yet, so you have chosen to share these thoughts in a blog, thinking that if you publish them you will really have shared them.


Little one, take heart. The impulse to share is deep within you, and it makes me smile. Sharing is doing the will of God, in whatever way you can. Whether you publish or not, or blog or not, you’re still sharing what you are and what you think with the world, just by being in the world.


Living is a guarantee that you’re sharing. There’s no money in it, but I can offer you something far, far better. I can offer you the eternal joy of helping to save the world, and of rescuing your brothers and sisters from the pain they fear is inescapable.


Would you really rather have a book deal? You don’t have to tell me the answer, I can see your thoughts about it. I can see every thought you have. One day you will see the beauty of your thoughts as they spiral in bright beams from your soul, touching the lives of everyone you meet and many you never meet.


Be aware of your thoughts today. They matter. They matter.




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