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How to get more money

You've been thinking about money, and how you can get more of it.

I know where this thought comes from. You fear that your money is running out and you need a quick fix. You fear that without more money, your life is going to be curtailed and you’ll be prevented from doing what you really want to do.

Right now, you have £5 in your bank account. It’s almost pay day, and as usual you’ve spent everything you have.

But you’d like £200,000 in that bank account, an amount you've told me you think is 'big'. You’ve sent out that intention and now you wait for something to happen.

I want to talk about what can change £5 into £200,000.

Firstly, you should know that money isn’t real, or necessary. Money is not a creation of God. That doesn’t mean it’s evil, it just means it’s unreal. You don’t need money, any more than you need disease. In this world, you just believe that both are inevitable.

My job is not to teach you that the unreal is real. That would be a serious dereliction of the role I am committed to fulfilling. My job is to help you think about unreality in a way that helps you to realise the truth.

So you do not need money. What you need, or think you need, is what money can buy. You want a home, a broadband connection, food and transportation. You want to be able to fill your days with things that fulfil you.

A day in which you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast overlooking a beautiful garden, spend the morning creating artwork before having lunch with a friend, then read a great book in the afternoon, make dinner for you and Joseph, watch a nice movie on the sofa and go to bed – that’s a pretty great day, to you.

Your idea of a great day almost never includes struggling inch by inch through angry traffic beeping its way into the city, sitting for 9 hours in an uncomfortably warm open plan office, grabbing something pre-packaged for lunch, being sneezed and coughed over by people who daren’t take time off sick, holding in a wee because the toilets smell nasty, reading endless email chains about performance targets, bigging up your boss's ego through small talk and arriving home too tired to talk about it all.

Yet you do that for four or five days a week, most weeks of the year. You have chosen that. Why? Because it allows you to pay rent, have a car and a nice TV, and limp towards the end of each month with nothing but £5 in your account to show for it.

Does that seem like a kind of madness to you?

You freedom to live in any way you choose includes that you will make choices out of fear. Tell me, is it a fearful choice you have made that has led you to live like this, or a loving choice? Fear or love, there is no other option.

Your choices lead to an obvious conclusion that you fear what would happen if you made a different choice. If you didn’t work, you wouldn’t be able to live, or so you think.

Your core belief here is that money only comes to you if you earn it. This belief includes that when it comes to you, someone else has to give it up. So you getting money includes someone else losing it. And you believe you have to sweat hard to get anything at all.

Let me tell you that this belief – which is shared by almost everyone on earth to some degree – is why you only have £5 in your account.

Think of money not as a note or a coin, but as a ball of energy. The note or the coin is a manifestation of the energy within the ball.

If you want to work with money (and I assure you it’s not the only way) it can be helpful to think of it as energy, because people tend to have less attachment to the concept of energy than they do to the concept of money.

The energy of the £5 in your account is a fixed amount, but if you add an equal amount of energy to it, it grows to £10, and if you take half the energy from it, it shrinks to £2.50. This seems logical and consistent.

Energy on earth is thought of as a fixed amount. Your scientists will tell you that the total amount of energy cannot be reduced or added to – it can merely change its form while remaining the same total.

This is not correct. It is perfectly possible to add to the energy on earth, by bringing in more. To bring in more, love more.

Scientific experiments cannot account for the reality of God, because the reality of God cannot be examined by instruments designed only to look within the material world. The reality of God CAN be examined, and should be, but the correct instrument to examine it is the human mind, which is the only instrument designed to be able to detect the difference between truth and unreality.

If you could transform the energy of the £5 into the energy of £200,000, you would, it follows, see your £5 grow into £200,000. This is not a magical process, it is a divine process you are perfectly capable of.

The answer you seek is this:

Love the energy

Love your Self

Ask the energy


Love the energy. This means you see the energy behind the £5 as the energy of God, held in a particular form to help humans transcend the form. To love the energy means to honour its role on earth, to cherish what it can teach you and to commit to upholding whatever encourages you and your brothers to use that energy as a lesson. You can love a lesson that’s heard to learn. You are grateful for the lesson. You can love the process of seeing a so-called difficulty, and working out how to overcome it. I am here to help you overcome anything you want to learn – including this lesson.

Love your Self. You are a divine being. You are made by God, from the essence of God, and you are therefore inherently beautiful and perfect. When you believe this about yourself you are aligning your beliefs with the reality of God who sees nothing but your perfection as part of Him. To love your Self is also to acknowledge that your Self is not separated from everything else. You and your brother are one and the same – you seem different only because of your flawed perception.

Ask the energy. When you love the energy, and know you are God, asking the energy becomes the way you express your divinity through creation. You can ask the energy to out-picture anything – it can do it, and because it is part of God, it wants to serve you, as God serves all life. How do you ask energy to change? You focus on the energy – not seeing what it is, but seeing what you intend it to be. This focus is not hard, but it is direct. It should be a focus which excludes any other possibility. It is a focus of Oneness – it is a focus which knows the energy IS what you intend it to be. Asking includes that you are willing to accept the energy in the form you intend. It includes thanking the energy for its part in the process. Nothing about asking fears the energy or fears the outcome.

Done. As God commands it, through you, it is done.

Nothing about this process includes wondering how it will happen. This is not your concern. Allow God His part in the process, in the full recognition that you complete nothing without the involvement of God. This is a process of the creation of God (what you understand as ‘you’) working with the fullness of God (what you understand as ‘God’).

Nothing about this process presupposed how long it will take. This is not your concern. If you feel any concern that something you’ve set in process has not happened yet, you’ve doubted the whole process. Go back to ‘love the energy’. Everything in the universe begins, and ends, with love.

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