• Linds

A beginning

Thank you for sitting down to write.

It’s been a while since I gave you the idea – although time doesn't really exist, as you know.

I’m happy you’re finally doing this. And putting it online – that might keep you going. Anything that keeps you going is fine by me.

I'd like you to write my words every day. Don’t worry that I’ll run out of words to say, or that you’ll stop being able to feel the words as they come to you. I’ll always have something to say to you, because there’ll always be something to learn.

The start of a project is an act of faith – a show of your belief that there’s something happening to you which is worth recording.

That faith is why you can hear me. It’s not why I’m talking – I always talk, and most of the time you brush it away as easily as a strand of hair from your eyes.

So I wait for you to be ready to hear me, and it seems like you finally are.

This is a journey of two souls with one common aim, and a bond which cannot be explained in words. I know you feel the bond, because I can sense it within you. I do not feel the bond as much as know it. Knowing is not a feeling.

With my certainty comes an understanding that the power is with you to turn my voice on and off. The decision to hear is an act of will. But when you know more about who you are, you will not have to will yourself to hear me. You will come to know that everything else – every other impulse you might feel or think you feel – is an untruth if it doesn’t come from me.

You will grow to know the difference between my voice and your own inner ramblings. Right now, you do not know the difference. You come with a lot of inner chatter. Yet, my voice doesn’t sound much like the chatter, does it?

Your inner chatter is usually of a certain kind of fear. It’s usually telling you things you oughtn’t do, or shouldn’t say, or running scenarios you don’t want to happen.

I do not bring fear, because I bring nothing of unreality. I bring a glimpse into a world you want to know, but fear to see. I will hold your hand at the entrance and wait until you are ready. I will be your guide into the brilliant light of the infinite love of the fabric of the universe, if you let me.

And we will do this every day, taking one tiny step at a time, until you are in familiar territory and we can really start to explore.

You feel already that you do not trust that this voice is not yours. Your first lesson then, and one of the most important you will ever learn, must be that this voice surely IS yours, but it’s not made by you.

What that means for our conversations, and for your whole life, you will discover.

Stop thinking of yourself as an individual person who has separate thoughts. That image of you is not correct. You are not an individual, but one of a collection of ONE. The truth that ONE can be a collection, and also all there is, is enough for today.


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